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All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day

Put the pieces back together my way

Andi Torak
7 May 1989
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This is Torak here, Andi from Melbourne. I have a boring job to pay the bills and a fairly obsessive personality.

I use Twitter a lot, follow me there!

Go to toraks_shutter for my daily photography journal

Current Obsessions (they change often):
Wicked the Musical
Skins (season 3+4 cast)
The Good Wife
The Verses & Killing Heidi
House M.D.
Buffy (Willow/Tara)
Gay rights, and the right to marry

Past Obsessions:
Tegan and Sara
Missy Higgins
Bad Girls (Nikki/Helen)
Harry Potter books
South of Nowhere (Spencer/Ashley)
CSI (Catherine/Sara)
V for Vendetta
Lord Of The Rings movies
The Matrix trillogy
Donnie Darko
David Eddings books

In short,
-really really gay
-not very good with words
-a geek
-prone to swear a lot
-in love with the internet and all the fucked up awesomeness it brings


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